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NylaNova STEM


Early Learning Centers

Nyla Nova STEMversity® is the ultimate STEM program for your school's early education curriculum! Our preschool program aims to provide a captivating and interactive introduction to the concepts of science, technology, engineering, and math for preschool children. Our specially designed syllabus keeps young learners engaged while helping them develop essential skills for future STEM success.

Hands-On Learning

Our program for educational institutions includes various activities tailored towards preschoolers such as hands-on activities, experiments, and interactive games. We also offer parent-child sessions and teacher-led classes, enabling parents and educators to assist children throughout their learning journey. Our skilled and knowledgeable instructors ensure each student maximizes their learning experience.

Nyla Nova STEM

More Accessible STEM Education 

At Nyla Nova STEMversity®, we believe in making quality STEM education accessible to all children. We are committed to offering a secure and supportive learning environment where students can explore their interests and hone their abilities. Our programs aim to instill a lifelong passion for learning and spark curiosity within each child. We work diligently to create a positive learning atmosphere where students can flourish.

Nyla Nova STEM

STEM Early Learning

We encourage schools to integrate our STEM programs into their early education curriculum offerings. Thank you for considering Nyla Nova STEMversity® in addressing your institution's early learning requirements.


We look forward to bringing the excitement of STEM discovery to your school!

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