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Behind every brand is a strong team. We pride ourselves in being passionate in all that we do in our mission to bring STEM to the forefront of learning and curriculum. Together, we can make learning through STEM fun for both parents and children!

Nakeisha Washington

CEO & Founder of Nyla Nova™ STEMversity™

Veteran STEM Educator, Advocate, Author, and Mentor. The creative mind behind the science superhero Nyla Nova™ and her STEMventures™ and building a community of STEMsations™. 

"My passion is to provide programs and experiences that inject STEM Education and creates an interest to pursue STEM- based careers."

Nate Washington-CFO.jpeg
Nathan Washington

Chief Financial Officer of Nyla Nova™ STEMversity™

Specializes in personal finance, life and health insurance, and reducing debt.


"As a financial coach and CFO, my goal is to help people use what they have to achieve their dreams. It’s not about how much money we make, it is about how we spend the money we have."

Qiana Robinson.jpeg
Qiana Robinson

Chief of Staff of Nyla Nova™ STEMversity™

As chief of staff, she works with C-level executives and business owners in the areas of L&D and administrative support.


She has been in the field of Learning and Development for over 20 years and is passionate about helping and serving others.

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Latoya Dorsey


Denise Evans.jpeg
Denise Evans


Pam Ford.jpeg
Pam Ford


Tiffani Johnson.jpeg
Tiffani Johnson


Alyssa Kirkland.jpeg
Alyssa Kirkland

Sales Manager Intern

Velma Perkins.jpeg
Velma Perkins


Latiousha Smith.jpeg
Latiousha Smith


Tre'Shawn Williams.jpeg
Tre'Shawn Williams


Kimberly Witta.jpeg
Kimberly Witta


Olivia Witta.jpeg
Olivia Witta


 Program Instructor:





STEMversity™ Instructors will be responsible for providing fun, interactive learning experiences to our scholars.  Our Instructors must be flexible, trustworthy and responsible, as they will be assigned a campus, working with the same scholars from 4-12 weeks. 

The learning sessions can range from 30-90 minutes, based on the need.  Our instructors can pick their schedules and be assigned between 2-8 classes per week, typically, about $25 per class.





STEMversity™ interns have the opportunity to gain real world experience while immersing themselves in a role suited to their studies and career goals.


Interns will be paired with mentors who are equipped to guide them in their time with us while simultaneously contributing to our operations.  

Public Relations Manager:




We are seeking a media relations manager to play an integral role in public/media relations, corporate communications, and content creation for our company.

To be considered for a public or media relations role, candidates must have expertise in developing strategic PR campaigns. Having a strong network of media connections is also a plus.


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