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Our Programs

We have a wide array of programs specializing in all things STEM!  From our incorporation of Nyla Nova™️ ,  engaging STEM curriculum, promoting  inclusion and cultural awareness to our interactive adventures and more! 


Nyla Nova’s STEMversity™

After-School Programs

STEMversity Scholars' Programs serves K-8th graders, while STEMsations is a more girl-oriented group (but all are welcome).

There are, both, virtual and in-person options with interactive, hands-on activities. The program can take place during lunch or as after-school enrichment and showcases a wide array of STEM careers.  STEM Kits are included.

Kids in Preschool

Nyla Nova’s STEMversity™
Preschool Programs

Nyla Nova™ STEM-Power Hour will help develop confidence in STEM by engaging scholars in preschool and kindergarten skills such as, dramatic play, reading, sensory play, music, movement, math manipulatives, coding and science experiments. This program's key aspects are Communication, Cooperation, Participation, and Independence. There are virtual and in-person options and the award-winning book “Who is Nyla Nova?” and STEM kits are included.

Kids robot

Nyla Nova’s STEMversity™
In-Class Workshops

STEMversity™ scholars will participate in developmentally, responsive STEM interactive lessons and scientific discoveries that meet their state standards and Next Generation Science Standardswhile providing a high-level of critical thinking and problem solving experiences! There are, both, virtual and in-person options, complete with STEM kits that have the necessary materials to conduct labs and experiments.


Nyla Nova’s

STEMsation™ Program

STEMsations™ will participate in girls' and women's STEM empowerment events. There will be mentorship by STEM professionals, participation in STEM competitions, receipt of badges and certificates and scholarships/financial assistance.

Kids in the Museum

Nyla Nova™ 


STEMventures include STEM-based field trips that are, both, virtual and in-person, international or local STEM study experiences, as well as enhanced STEM standards that promote inclusion, cultural awareness and social-emotional learning skills outside the classroom.​ 

Science Kit

Nyla Nova™ STEMversity

Special Events

STEMversity™ scholars will participate in full stage shows of the most interactive, exciting and jaw-dropping demonstrations for small to large groups.

Technology Class

Nyla Nova™ STEMversity

Birthday Parties

STEMversity™ scholars will be mesmerized by an entertaining display of some of the coolest, science illusions, discoveries and hands-on activities, while celebrating their favorite person’s birthday at one of our local venues. 

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