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Summer Programs

Are you looking for summer camp opportunities to help your child learn and grow? Look no further than Nyla Nova’s STEMversity™ summer program! This summer experience is designed to provide enrichment in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) to students in grades pre-K through third grade.


At Nyla Nova’s STEMversity™ summer camp, participants will explore a variety of STEM topics with hands-on activities and experiments. Students will have the opportunity to engage in projects that promote problem-solving and critical thinking as they explore engineering designs, robots, coding, chemistry, physics, and more. Each activity is designed by certified teachers and experts in the field of STEM education.


Nyla Nova’s STEMversity™ summer program also provides students with access to the latest technology such as 3D printing and virtual reality systems. Through these experiences, students gain an appreciation for the way technology can be incorporated into their daily lives. They are also able to get a head start on what it takes to pursue a career in one of many STEM industries such as healthcare or computer programming.


An important element of Nyla Nova’s STEMversity summer camp is its commitment to having a diverse staff of instructors. Many summer camp programs lack significant representation of people of color or those from underrepresented populations; however, at Nyla Nova's summer program, this is not so! The mentors come from a range of backgrounds that mirror the diversity seen within our society today. This provides students with real-world role models who understand their struggles and successes allowing them to make real progress toward understanding the value of different perspectives within the world around them.


At the end of the summer camp season each year, students are invited back for a special recognition ceremony where they showcase all they have learned over their summer experience. During this event, parents are able to witness first-hand all that their children have accomplished throughout the duration of summer camp! Parents can also rest assured knowing that their child has been exposed to high-quality educational materials while being kept safe in an environment that encourages learning and growth.


We invite you to sign up for Nyla Nova’s STEMversity™ summer camp today!

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