Join Our Faculty

Do you have a passion for STEM education?  Look no further!  Become a STEMversity Faculty Member today!

Why Join Our Faculty?

We offer pay increases based on performance and longevity

Paid Training

We offer a mileage stipend

Faculty Shirts and STEM kits provided

Make a positive impact on children

Our staff are highly qualified, trained, current and former educators and college students, who have passed national and local background checks and are committed to our scholars' educational, social and emotional needs.

Perfect for someone who wants to supplement a current, full-time or part-time job or is semi-retired.

Requirements: Fingerprints, Drug Screening, Be in Good Physical Condition, CPR & First Aid, Birth Certificate, High School Diploma and at least 12 college credits.  Some additional requirements may apply.

Available Positions


 Program Instructor:





STEMversity™ Instructors will be responsible for providing fun, interactive learning experiences to our scholars.  Our Instructors must be flexible, trustworthy and responsible, as they will be assigned a campus, working with the same scholars from 4-12 weeks. 

The learning sessions can range from 30-90 minutes, based on the need.  Our instructors can pick their schedules and be assigned between 2-8 classes per week, typically, about $25 per class.

Behavioral Interventionist:


STEMversity™ Behavioral Interventionist will be responsible for an average of 3-10 hours per week, based on location and need.  Must have a flexible schedule, with afternoon and evening hours preferred. Responsible for providing skills, instruction and behavior reduction protocols, based upon the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to scholars enrolled in STEMversity™.

Interventionists will provide short-term problem solving/counseling services to supplement STEM-based instruction.  Perfect for someone who wants to supplement a current, full-time or part-time

job or is semi-retired.

Required:  Registered Behavioral Technician (RBT) certification, including annual renewal and registration, CPR and CPI certification, Drug Screen and Criminal Background Check required for hire.

Lead Program Instructor:




STEMversity™ Lead Instructors will be responsible for an assigned campus and staff who provide guidance and mentorship to other faculty at their campus.  The Lead Instructor is responsible for general administrative duties as assigned, supervision of subordinate staff, monitoring children’s progress, maintenance of related records for the assigned campus and planning, preparing, and implementing daily activities.  As a Lead Instructor, the primary responsibility is the safety and well being of the children.  

Curriculum Specialist:


STEMversity™ Curriculum Specialist's main focus will be to assist with the development of the STEMversity™ collection of lesson plans and curriculum resources.  Curriculum specialists develop and improve instructional materials that might include workbooks, graphic organizers, projects, tests or instructional software.


They also help guide instructors by recommending textbooks and giving them feedback about classroom approaches, content delivery and instructional strategies.  Perfect for someone who wants to supplement a current, full-time or part-time job or is semi-retired. 


Required:  Bachelor's degree or enrolled in a teacher preparation program.