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  • Who is Nyla Nova STEMversity®?
    Nyla Nova STEMversity® is proud to offer STEM programs that provide engaging, interactive STEM curriculum promoting inclusion, cultural awareness, and social-emotional learning skills for students to ensure success in school and beyond!
  • Why are our programs different from other STEM programs?
    Our programs are designed to resolve a lack of interest and awareness in STEM, access to differentiated educational programs, and cultural inclusivity by increasing problem solving and critical thinking skills to help students make better decisions in all aspects of life.
  • What do we currently offer?
    We currently offer after-school programs, camps, Saturday workshops, birthday parties, STEM-based study trips, and tutoring services that guarantee success for our students. We offer both online and in person options
  • What is the background of the faculty of Nyla Nova STEMversity®?
    Our staff are highly qualified and trained current and former educators, current college students, passed national and local background checks, and are committed to our scholars educational, social and emotional needs. Our “Professors” develop and instruct our customized curriculum that specializes in cultural relevance, achievement, and learning gains in Science and Math scores. Our instructors are called “professors” because we are preparing our Scholars to utilize collegiate terms.
  • Why should I enroll my school, organization or student into Nyla Nova STEMversity®?
    STEMversity® is rapidly growing and to effectively and efficiently offer our many new services and programs to our current and prospective students we need an increase in our current level of funding. Our mission is to help students regain information lost during the pandemic and to address their academic gaps in learning. School districts, organizations and parents are requesting our interactive, engaging programs to help supplement their current STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) programs to help increase awareness of STEM-based careers, increase test scores, and close learning and preparation gaps.
  • What are the grades that Nyla Nova STEMversity® currently serve?
    Nyla Nova STEMversity® currently serves grades Pre-k through 6th grade but specializes in pre-k through 4th grade.
  • What is Nyla Nova STEMversity® After-school Programs?
    STEMversity® scholars will in developmentally responsive and culturally relevant, STEM interactive lessons…. STEMversity® Scholars Programs serves K-6th graders Virtual/In-person Options Lunch-hour or after-school enrichment Interactive, hands-on activities 4 to 8 weeks Over 100 hours of content with exciting topics like coding, app development, gaming, plant science, zoology and more Showcases STEM careers Flexible grouping 1 dedicated, trained STEMversity® Instructor scholars (certain programs will require 2-3 leaders)
  • What is Nyla Nova STEMversity® Preschool Programs?
    Nyla Nova® STEM-Power Hour will help develop confidence in STEM by engaging scholars in preschool and kindergarten skills such as dramatic play, reading, sensory play, music, movement, math manipulatives, coding and science experiments. This program key aspects for desired academic success are Communication, Cooperation and Participation and Independence for our youngest learners. Virtual/In-person Options 30 to 45 minutes 3-5 year olds 1-time event, daily or weekly options Complete interactive lesson plans are provided with extension activities The Award-Winning Book “Who is Nyla Nova?” is included 1 dedicated, trained STEMversity™ Instructor for 10 scholars
  • What are Nyla Nova STEMversity® In-Class Workshops?
    STEMversity® scholars will participate in developmentally responsive STEM interactive lessons and scientific discoveries that meet their state standards and Next Generation Science Standards while providing a high-level of critical thinking and problem solving experiences! Virtual/In-person Options Complete Interactive lesson plans are provided with extension activities STEM Kits with necessary materials to conduct labs and experiments Complete Teacher Guides and Teacher Training (Faculty required to be present) 1 dedicated, trained STEMversity® Instructor per class Limited to 1 or 2 hours sessions
  • What are Nyla Nova STEMversity® Special Events?
    STEMversity® will present full stage shows of the most interactive, exciting and jaw-dropping demonstrations that will have small to large groups mesmerized. Virtual/In-person Options Suitable for any event or group size All materials included Cost: Varies on the number of scholars, duration of the sessions, location
  • What are Nyla Nova STEMversity® Birthday Parties?
    STEMversity® scholars will be mesmerized by an entertaining display of some of the coolest science illusions, discoveries and hands-on activities while celebrating their favorite person’s birthday at our local locations. Ages 3-12 years old All party favors and materials included (decorations are not included) 45 minutes-2 hours Custom activities Nyla Nova® will make an appearance for an additional fee
  • What are Nyla Nova STEMventures® ?
    Nyla Nova STEMventures™is an adventure using STEM skills and tools to explore unknown experiences in hopes of gaining an appreciation for the different STEM fields STEM-based field trips (virtual/live) STEM study experiences internationally or locally Enhanced STEM standards that promote inclusion, cultural awareness and social emotional learning skills outside the classroom
  • What is Nyla Nova’s STEMsation™ Program
    STEMsation™ Mission: To educate, empower & equip the ladies of today with the necessary tools to become the STEM leaders of tomorrow. STEMsations™ will participate in girls and women STEM empowerment events Ages 5-14 Girl-focused but (all are welcomed) K-8th graders Mentoring by STEM Professionals Spotlight-STEM Leader “Stemsations” in the industry, other related books or movements Participate in STEM competitions such as Robotics, Racing, Coding, Apps, and Video Game Development Receive badges and certificates as they complete various stages Receive scholarships and school assistance Nyla Nova’s STEMsations will teach girls valuable skills that will: Help girls develop healthy relationships with themselves, others and the community Provide girls with an understanding of the value and importance of STEM education in a global society Provide girls with intensive problem-based learning and hands-on activities covering relevant topics Reinforce strong mathematical and scientific ability Develop the ability to work within a team, communicate with others & pay attention to detail Provide girls exposure to STEM careers and women in the field By engaging girls in these STEM interactive workshops, our girls will have significantly higher confidence in their academic abilities and higher academic goals and aspirations.
  • What is the Nyla Nova®- Award-Winning Book Series?
    Nyla Nova®- the character is a STEM Superhero with the ability to solve mysteries using her STEMpowers. Her mother, the “STEMsational Queen” has passed her STEMpowers down to her youngest child. Their mission is to encourage girls, especially girls of color to believe in themselves and to develop confidence and skills in the areas of STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Our focus is to encourage young girls of color to develop and maintain skills & explore careers in STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, and Math). At this time, we have released an activity book, children’s book and a chapter book that we are selling that was designed by Nyla herself (she is only 6!) with the assistance of her mother. It explores STEM topics in a fun and interactive way that is suitable for young girls.
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