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After School Program

Nyla Nova STEMversity® After School Program is an enriching educational program aimed at K-3rd grade students, available for virtual and in-person implementation. This program introduces students to the exciting world of STEM and fosters creative thinking through hands-on activities.

Immersive and Interactive Activities

This comprehensive program can be integrated into the school's curriculum over several months, either during lunchtime or as an after-school enrichment activity. It immerses students in interactive and engaging STEM-focused activities – ranging from exploring electricity and engineering principles to learning programming and coding. Each activity is crafted to enhance problem-solving abilities and broaden students' understanding of the vast array of STEM fields. Moreover, every student participating in the program will receive a STEM Kit containing all essential supplies for completing the diverse activities within the program.

NylaNova STEM

Promotes Teamwork and Collaboration

Nyla Nova STEMversity® After School Program not only imparts knowledge about STEM subjects but also promotes teamwork and collaboration among students. The program helps students develop vital skills such as communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving in a group setting rather than individually. As a result, participants grasp transferable skills that benefit them throughout their academic careers. Additionally, this program provides realistic examples of potential careers in various STEM fields, from aerospace engineering to computer science, motivating students to pursue their academic interests further.

NylaNova STEM

After School With Us

For schools looking to enhance their curriculum with engaging educational activities beyond traditional classroom instruction, Nyla Nova STEMversity® After School Program offers an excellent opportunity that combines creativity with practical lessons on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). The program ensures access to top-notch resources and experienced mentors who can guide students through their learning journey while engaging various learning styles – from hands-on learners who excel in practical projects to visual/auditory learners who absorb information most effectively when it’s presented accordingly.

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