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 We offer a variety of programs that cater to all ages, fostering a deep understanding of STEM concepts and promoting an inclusive community of learners and leaders. Explore our programs and become part of our journey to shape the future of STEM education.

Nyla Nova STEMLit

Empower young minds with the foundational skills they need to excel in STEM disciplines. Nyla Nova STEMLit program is tailored for Pre-K-3rd graders, focusing on:

  • Year-long, intensive interventions

  • Integrating STEM with literacy to enhance both reading and math skills

  • Developing critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication abilities

  • Improving literacy rates and academic performance

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Nyla Nova STEMAttack

Bring families together through the joy of learning and discovery. Nyla Nova STEMAttack is designed to:

  • Encourage year-long engagement for family members of all ages

  • Strengthen family bonds through collaborative STEM activities

  • Support parents in becoming active participants in their child's educational journey


Nyla Nova STEMventures

Experience the world through the lens of STEM with our family-based study trips. Join STEMventures to:

  • Participate in international, national, regional, and local excursions

  • Explore new places and ideas with a STEM/STEAM focus

  • Gain appreciation for the wonders of science and the natural world

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Nyla Nova STEM Aquatics

Dive into advanced learning with STEM Aquatics, where older students and adults can:

  • Engage in hands-on experiences with aquatic ecosystems

  • Learn about environmental conservation

  • Explore the diverse world of marine life

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Underwater Photography

Nyla Nova STEM Enrichment

Our enrichment program is designed to bring an engaging, interactive STEM curriculum to Pre-K-4th graders, focusing on:

  • Promoting inclusion and cultural awareness

  • Enhancing social-emotional learning skills

  • Preparing students for success in school and future endeavors


Nyla Nova STREAM Electives

Extend the learning experience with STREAM Electives, integrating arts into STEM to:

  • Offer a well-rounded approach to education

  • Create an inclusive environment conducive to holistic learning

  • Foster skill development across disciplines

Nyla Nova STEM Master Educator Program

Transform teachers into STEM leaders with our Master Educator Program, designed for:

  • A 2-3 year professional development journey

  • Equipping educators with cutting-edge knowledge and teaching strategies

  • Inspiring innovative thinking and problem-solving in future generations

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