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The Motivation to Become an Author

A message from the founder

I noticed that my daughter, Nyla Denae, would mimic me as I was teaching science or setting up labs for my classes. As a STEM educator, author, mentor, and curator of the "STEMsation" movement, I developed a platform that fuses STEM, character development, and fashion into a unique model for young girls and women. The result of which is the book titled, “Who Is Nyla Nova? The STEMsation” - this was my first children's picture book.

The book tells the story of Nyla Nova who learned that she is a “STEM Superhero” with the ability to solve mysteries using her STEMpowers. Her mother, the “STEMsational Queen” has passed her STEMpowers down to her youngest child. Our mission is to encourage girls to believe in themselves and to develop confidence and skills in the areas of STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.


I hope the publication of “Who Is Nyla Nova? The STEMsation” will spark interest in STEM plus show the fashionable side of the ladies of STEM, and that it will light up little girls’ imaginations on all the possibilities that await them. We are trying to increase the number of women of color in STEM by inspiring girls at a young age.


I also have 2 other published books:


2) Nyla Nova® "The STEMsation" activity book


The STEMventures of Nyla Nova® and her amazing partner Coco are recorded in this activity book. The activity book is designed to encourage all little girls to grow up to be "STEMsations" and future STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) leaders. They invite you to join them as they journey through this fun activity book by solving puzzles, navigating mazes, and coloring pages, and much more!


Nyla Nova® and Her STEMventures- the chapter book


3) “Nyla Nova needs your help as she solves mysteries using her STEMpowers. Are you ready to join Nyla Nova® “The STEMsation” as she saves the rainforest, enters a virtual world, and meets new friends on her “STEMventures”?


This book is full of amazing short stories that will have every little girl strapping on her STEMsational goggles and navigating the world of STEM while developing their character, building their confidence, and exuding class. We wanted to make sure that we were not just entertaining young girls, but actually giving them the tools to succeed in life. With this book, little girls will join in the experience of awakening their inner STEM princess!



 I am currenting producing a workbook to accompany the chapter book with lessons, experiments, and projects for teachers and students this allows me to continue to write stories but also add interactive and meaningful curriculum to allow our readers to delve deeper into the content and to follow Nyla Nova® on her many STEMventures.

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