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STEM Sponsorship

Becoming a sponsor for Nyla Nova’s STEMversity® is an opportunity to make an impact on the STEM education of children. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) are essential subjects for success in today’s world. Nyla Nova's STEMversity® offers supplemental education to students seeking academic enrichment in STEM subjects.

Invest in the Future of STEM

When you become a sponsor of Nyla Nova's STEMversity®, you will be helping to ensure that students receive quality STEM instruction and have access to the tools they need to succeed. STEMversity® has the support of experienced professionals who can provide guidance and resources to those who participate in their program. As a sponsor, you will help bring this knowledge and expertise to more students while investing in the future of STEM education.

NylaNova STEM
NylaNova STEM

Contributions Towards More Resources

Your sponsorship will benefit both Nyla Nova's STEMversity® and its participants. Your financial contribution will go directly towards providing resources such as teacher training, materials, supplies, computers, software, and other technology necessary for success in STEM learning. Additionally, it will provide teachers with additional support and mentorship opportunities so they can continue to deliver top-notch instruction to their students.

NylaNova STEM

Help Your Community

By becoming a sponsor of STEMversity®, you are also helping your community. Through your investment in STEM education programs, you are creating new opportunities for underserved populations and providing communities with the economic benefits associated with improved STEM instruction and greater access to higher-paying jobs in related fields.


STEMversity® is committed to making sure every student has access to quality education in science, technology, engineering, or math regardless of their background or financial resources. As a sponsor of Nyla Nova's STEMversity®, you can help make this dream a reality by contributing financially and showing your commitment to promoting high standards of excellence in STEM education. Together we can make sure that every child gets the best chance at success by having access to the highest quality STEM instruction available!

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