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5 Indoor STEM Activities for Winter

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Here are some STEM activities that can be done indoors during winter:

  1. Creating Snowflake Crystals: You'll need borax, pipe cleaners, and a jar. Form a snowflake shape with the pipe cleaner, mix borax with boiling water, hang the snowflake in the jar with the solution, and leave it overnight. By morning, you'll have a crystal snowflake!

  1. Building an Indoor Weather Station: Use a simple thermometer to measure temperature, an empty bottle and a ruler to measure rainfall, and a ribbon to observe the direction of the wind

  1. Winter Star Gazing: Find a star chart online and see how many constellations you can spot from your window.

  1. Ice and Salt Experiments: See how salt can make ice melt faster by placing salt on different ice cubes and observing what happens.

  1. Indoor Gardening Projects: Plant a seed in a cup, water it regularly, and observe how it grows.

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