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Jobs for Young Techstroverts

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

The change that technology has caused in our world is evident in how we communicate, how we travel and innumerable other ways. However, I’d venture that one of the most affected areas is the modern workforce. There are many jobs that exist now, in today’s workforce that did not exist 15-20 years ago. The creation of the website and, by extension, the internet requires skilled workers in areas like security, content management, and design.

Social Media Platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube have made it possible to gain income outside of the traditional means. Online stores like Etsy, Amazon, Ebay, and millions of others allow shopping to be done from the couch rather than requiring hours milling about in brick and mortar stores. Within these areas, there are opportunities for careers that students can pursue that will likely bring them success in this rapidly advancing technological world.

Website Management

Cyber Security Manager or Information Security Analysts

Websites are vulnerable to hackers, malware, and other possible data breaches that can likely result in loss of reputation and revenue if handled incorrectly. For that reason, a Cyber Security Manager is necessary to maintain the proper protocols to prevent those types of breaches.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the major responsibilities are establishing rules for who can access certain types of information, the parameters in which the information can be accessed, figuring out how someone can possibly hack into the website, and thinking of ways to keep any attacks from happening in the future.

UX Manager or User Experience Manager

If a website works well and looks good, there was likely a talented UX Manager to thank. The primary function of this job is making sure that going to certain sites is easy, functions properly and is visually pleasing to drive traffic. Everything from the layout of the written content, images, audio, and video falls on the User Experience Manager. Troubleshooting access issues and other problems also fall under their purview.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Manager or Analyst

Search engines are made for people who are trying to find something but are unsure of how to go about finding that something. For those who are selling an item or a service, it is most ideal to get whatever is being sold in front of as many eyes as possible. This is where the Search Engine Optimization Manager comes in. This field is considered a form of advertising or marketing because the major function of the position is to make a website easy to find for consumers which will lead to more traffic and likely more sales.

Content Moderator

Hackers and fraudsters aren’t the only menaces on the web. The internet troll is an equally troublesome presence. Luckily, there are Content Moderators on most sites who are responsible for maintaining order. Most sites have a Terms of Service or a list of guidelines that users must abide by in order to continue using the site. The Content Moderator reviews content posted onto websites and decides whether or not that content meets the requirements laid out for that site. According to Insider, “it takes content moderators to make sure that its various platforms remain a safe and pleasant place to spend time.”

Social Media

Social Media Strategist

A viral tweet from a popular brand doesn’t happen in vacuum. There is an individual or even a whole team behind the social media accounts of that brand with the express purpose of creating engagement. Not only that, they create buzz around events and content that the brand releases to the public.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that a social media strategist will be responsible for current trends and happens in the world and juggling public perception of the brand. Knowing who to reach and how to reach them are the primary responsibilities of persons in this role.

Instagram Influencers and Professional YouTubers

Anyone can sell a product or a service online. There are no guarantees that the product will be successful or that it will be well received but there is nothing keeping anyone from being a salesperson. However, a person with a following will likely be able to make sales quicker and easier than someone without one. This is where Instagram Influencers and Professional YouTubers come in.

These jobs are some of the most unique in existence due to the fact that there is no guaranteed way to build the kind of following necessary to make them into a viable career. However, it is a viable career path for a person with marketing savvy and the ability to connect with large groups of people.

Everything has changed with the advent of technology and our increased dependence on that technology. As technology continues to change we will see more new jobs emerge. And as they emerge, teachers, parents, and caregivers will need to prepare skilled students to emerge and meet these opportunities as they arise.

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