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Summer STEM programs still flourish during pandemic.

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) programs are finding innovative ways to continue the learning experience for summer students. Many have converted to hosting a virtual environment. There are many advantages to doing so.

Are you thinking about entering your kids into a STEM summer camp this year? You should and here are a few reasons why.

Online Advantages

For starters, it’s cheaper and more cost-effective, one of the basic benefits of online learning, in general. It also makes financial sense because you’re not paying for anything that isn’t directly related to learning and development.

Secondly, a child’s home environment will provide them with additional support to ease them into the process of meeting new people and developing new skills. They can organize their workstation in a way that suits them best.

Finally, when a child attends a STEM educational camp, parents are usually excluded from the whole experience. They’re, frequently, far away and their chances for catching up are limited. With online STEM camps, parents are always close at hand and informed.

Learning Real Life Skills

Reading about something in a book is one thing. Putting lessons into hands-on action is something different. When kids take online STEM classes, they are seeing how STEM is incorporated in just about every aspect of their lives. From the bridge they ride across to the video game they play, STEM is everywhere. When kids learn this in an outside program, they can bring these lessons inside the classroom. When kids can relate to a lesson taught in school, they’ll be more engaged, which will result in success.

Summer STEM Programs Builds Bonds

Whether kids are taking Summer STEM programs online or in-person, they learn necessary communication skills. They learn that they need to bounce ideas off of other people and respect what other people have to say. This is a skill that is best taught young. Some adults still have trouble with this one! But, as kids build their STEM skills, they can also build their communication skills. They can use what they learn in the classroom as they interact with their classmates and teachers.

Choosing the Right Online STEM Camp

When trying to decide which way to go, it’s important to check for certain characteristics. Online STEM camps vary amongst themselves and some don’t offer all the benefits we’ve discussed. The most valuable thing any STEM Camp can offer is project-based learning. This type of learning gives children the opportunity to overcome challenges through teamwork and in a setting that prepares them for the future of work. One resource is Nobel Explorers. They have created an entire range of challenging in research and try to find answers to questions such as: what is their educational style, are the topics meaningfully related to STEM, and do their activities fit smoothly with your child’s schedule? Once you’ve understood all aspects of the service and they check all of the boxes, consult your child to see what project would fit them best.

By opening up new worlds, kids are acquiring skills that can help them inside and outside the classroom. Virtual summer STEM programs can help kids have a good school year by incorporating valuable skills.

What do you think about summer STEM camps going virtual this year? Do you think it’s more beneficial?

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