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Little girls are supposed to be made of sugar, spice, and everything nice, making them fabulous in their own special little way. But when you factor in character, confidence, and class, they become STEMsational! Just ask Nyla Denae', the world's newly minted STEMsation. But wait a minute, what's a STEMsation, and how did Nyla Denae' become Nyla Nova? Take this journey with Nyla Denae' and witness her journey toward becoming Nyla Nova. This is a book full of amazing illustrations that will make every little girl want to strap on her STEMsational goggles and navigate the world of STEM while developing her character, building her confidence, and exuding class. We want to make sure that we aren't just entertaining young girls but actually giving them the tools to succeed in life. With Who Is Nyla Nova, "the STEMsation"? every little girl will experience awakening their inner STEM princess. Nyla Nova welcomes you to become the next STEMsation, and she needs your help to totally rock the STEM world!

Will you accept the mission?

Who is Nyla Nova? The STEMsation Book-Softcover

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