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DIY Engineering Fun: Projects to Spark Creativity and Innovation

Boys smiling at engineering table

Engineers Week is a fantastic opportunity for children to dive into the exciting world of engineering. Here are three fun DIY engineering projects parents and educators can facilitate for children:

Popsicle Stick Bridge: Using popsicle sticks and glue, you can create a sturdy bridge. This simple activity teaches children about structural engineering and the importance of balance in construction.

Homemade Lava Lamp: By mixing oil, water, and food coloring, children can create their own lava lamp. This project introduces kids to the principles of density and immiscibility.

Cardboard Automata: Automata are mechanical toys that perform a series of movements. By creating automata from cardboard, children can learn about gears, cams, and levers.

Remember, Nyla Nova STEMversity® is committed to fostering a love for engineering in children, especially girls.

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