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5 STEM Career Ideas for Kids

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

Is your child interested in exploring a career in STEM? If computers and technology are exciting to your kids, then maybe it's time to help them consider a career that involves science, technology, engineering or math.

The STEM field is growing every day, with new and interesting career paths that weren't a possibility a few years ago. Careers in the STEM field are some of the fastest growing occupations in the country and feature amazing growth and salary potential. Here are a some careers that can peak your child's interests.

Software Developer

Software developers are needed in basically every field out there and it's one of the fastest growing careers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there were 1.2 million software development jobs in the U.S. The median salary was $103,500. This STEM career path puts a kid’s coding skills to the test, as they work to design and perfect various applications.

Environmental Engineer

Are your kids passionate about the environment and green living? Environmental engineers apply a strong understanding of science and engineering to protect the environment from the adverse affects of human habitation and to create low-impact solutions to people's core needs, like housing and clean water. This job is in high demand, as climate change and pollution become more prevalent.

Marine Biologist

Marine biology is perfect for kids who love animals and want to make a difference. Marine biologists study the ocean and the animals in it to observe the impact of human activities on marine life. Though this career path isn't as rapidly growing as many of the other STEM careers, it is stable and isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Vertical Farming

As our global population reaches epic proportions, we should be more focused on one thing: How to feed the world. Vertical farming is one solution, but with a goal of using no soil and 95% less water, it’s going to be an uphill climb. Vertical farms certainly make sense in urban areas where space is more of an issue.

Lego Designer

There doesn’t have to be a reason to stop playing with LEGO. This job combines an eye for design and art with a talent for engineering. LEGO designers need to come up with new and exciting ideas for LEGO sets, while also making sure that they work as actual structures. It’s a competitive career with few openings, but with the right combination of creativity and eye for detail, there is no reason not to aim for it.

After a child expresses interest in a career in STEM, there are easy steps to take that guide them and help cultivate their interests and confidence. Much of this is offered through STEM programs and workshops for kids that offer interactive lessons and mentorship, such as those offered by Nyla Nova STEMversity.

Would you like to know more on how to get your child involved? Check out our list of workshops and programs at

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