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Spectacular STEM Superheroes

So many comics, so little time
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Comic books adaptations are plentiful these days. Both on the big screen and the small screen there is a lot to look forward to for comic enthusiasts (like me!) And though many comic book superheroes have powers (or money) some are skilled in other ways. Some use STEM to achieve their goals. Whether they were gifted with a natural intellect or developed an affinity for tech at a young age, they excel in situations where just kicking and punching won't do. Here are just a few of the STEM superheroes who either are or will soon be adapted for the big or small screen.

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Lunella Lafayette aka Moon Girl

Touted as the most brilliant mind in the entire Marvel Comics universe, Lunella Lafayette loves to invent new gadgets. At nine years old, she was able to build and use a device that helped her find alien technology. Upon activation, this device triggered an invasion that Lunella was not prepared for but fought off using her homemade weapons and advanced intellect. As if that weren't enough, she has a twenty-foot dinosaur that she can communicate with using her mind and, at times, control. Her television debut entitled "Marvel's Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur" is expected sometime in the summer of 2022 on Disney XD.

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Riri Williams aka Ironheart

Despite how exceptional Lunella Lafayette is, she's far from being the only girl genius in the room. I mean, name another fifteen-year-old who can get into MIT and reverse engineer the work of Tony Stark to build her armor. You can't because Riri Williams is the only one. Not only that, she was chosen by hand by Iron Man himself as his successor. She was gifted with a digital version of his consciousness that serves as her onboard AI. She is expected to make her debut in the upcoming Black Panther sequel before getting a show of her own on Disney+.

Image by syaifulptak57 from Pixabay

Luke Fox aka Batwing

But even though girls run the world, it would be a mistake not to mention the son of Lucius Fox, the genius behind Batman's tech. Not unlike his father, his tech skills have helped save Gotham City more times than the Bat team and Batwoman herself can count. In addition to hacking, building tech, and brainstorming options for how to defeat their enemies, Luke Fox also occasionally suits up in a suit that his father built for him and fights crime alongside Batman's heir apparent. He regularly appears on the Batwoman tv series currently airing on the CW.

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay


It's unlikely, but not impossible that someone could have missed the movie Black Panther when it premiered in 2018. But that would be the only reasonable explanation for not hearing of Shuri, the tech genius and princess of Wakanda. Her primary role is to develop technology to improve the lives of the populace and give the Black Panther an edge in battle. In the comics, she briefly occupies the role of the Black Panther while her brother, T'Challa, is incapacitated. Shuri is expected to take center stage in the next Black Panther film when it is released on November 11, 2022.

Photo by Kampus Production from Pexels

When villains plot and henchmen hench, not everyone can put their foot through their foes and save the day (though there will likely be a little bit of that on the side). But heroes don't let the lack of an S on their chest stop them from accomplishing their goals. Both in comics and live-action adaptations, we've seen heroes behind a keyboard alongside the ones in the street. And though throwing a punch gets them in the paper, most caped crusaders will agree that it's the tech behind them and the ones who made it that brought home the win. Keep your eyes peeled for these four characters and they'll show you how it's done!

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

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